Reversible Slip-on Bandana - Size Chart - Magnolia Pet Co


 Size Width Height Collar Opening
X-Small 9" 5.25" 1.5"
Small 12" 7.5" 2"
Medium 15" 8" 2.25"
Large 18" 9.5" 2.5"



 Size Width Height Collar Opening
X-Small 22.86 cm 13.33 cm 3.81 cm
Small 30.48 cm 19.05 cm 5.08 cm
Medium 38.1 cm 20.32 cm 5.7 cm
Large 45.72 cm 45.72 cm 6.35 cm

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Reversible Slip-on Bandanas

The reversible two pattern bandana can be worn by slipping your dog's collar through the side openings and then clipping the collar around your pup's neck. Slip-on bandanas require a collar.

Materials: Cotton + Vegan Tag